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What Does NAD Regen Do?

May 31, 2023 3 min read

What Does NAD Regen Do

The Power of NAD Regen for Longevity: Unleashing the Secret to Youthfulness

You've seen it on the social media feeds of health gurus, and perhaps even heard renowned biohacker Ben Greenfield praising it on his widely-listened podcast. You might have asked yourself, "What exactly is NAD Regen, and what can it do for me?" Today's article is dedicated to answering that question, highlighting how NAD Regen supports our quest for lasting vitality.

For those dedicated to embracing health and delaying the aging process, one vital key is to maintain optimal Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) levels. So, how does NAD Regen fit into this picture? Let's find out.

NAD Regen: Revolutionizing Health Optimization

NAD Regen, our best-selling supplement, has stirred up quite a buzz in the health optimization community since its January launch. Ben Greenfield, a respected figure in the biohacking world, has even acclaimed NAD Regen as "unparalleled."

A staple feature on his podcast, which boasts over 2.5 million monthly downloads, and a highlight in his popular newsletters, NAD Regen is on a trajectory to redefine expectations in the supplement market. Its purpose? To help you achieve optimal NAD levels, a crucial factor in longevity and vitality.

But to fully appreciate NAD Regen's potential, you first need to understand the importance of NAD itself.

Understanding NAD: The Vital Molecule for Cellular Health

Primarily, NAD serves as an energy conduit between cells, triggering energy production from the food we consume. NAD also plays a crucial role in ensuring healthy cellular functioning. It signals DNA protection mechanisms, helps maintain a healthy metabolism, and keeps our internal body clocks ticking.

A selection of NAD's key cellular roles includes:

Your NAD levels, which can be good or bad, depend heavily on the efficiency of these processes and the level of internal cellular "friction" you experience.

In practical terms, disruptions in these cellular processes can lead to premature aging, low energy levels, and fatigue. So, if your goal is to live a long, energetic, youthful life, maintaining NAD levels should be high on your priority list.

What Causes NAD Levels to Decline?

Naturally, NAD levels decline as we age. By the time we celebrate our 40th birthday, our NAD levels may have halved.

Other factors contributing to NAD decline include:

  • DNA damage: Caused by chronic stress, this triggers PARP molecules, which repair the damage but consume NAD in the process.
  • Alcohol consumption: Excessive alcohol intake leads to NAD depletion.
  • Overeating: This can reduce cellular oxygen levels, which in turn lowers NAD levels.
  • High blood sugar and insulin resistance: These can negatively affect the NADH-NAD+ ratio, reducing NAD levels.

In simple terms, a lifestyle of excessive eating, frequent alcohol consumption, and chronic stress can lead to diminished NAD production. These behaviors are linked with premature aging and poor health.

Enhancing NAD Levels: A Multi-Pronged Approach

Before we delve into how NAD Regen can boost NAD levels, it's crucial to acknowledge the importance of lifestyle habits.

Here are some effective strategies:

  • Exercise Regularly: Regular exercise, particularly High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), has been shown to boost NAD status.
  • Maintain a Balanced Diet: Overconsumption of calories, especially carbohydrates, can decrease NAD levels. Eating fermented foods like Kimchi and Sauerkraut can promote NAD production.
  • Limit Alcohol Intake: Reducing alcohol consumption can help maintain healthy NAD levels.
  • Utilize Heat Therapy: Regular sauna sessions can help remove toxins and increase NAD levels.

A healthy, active lifestyle supplemented with nutrient-rich food, good sleep habits, and minimal alcohol intake can significantly contribute to improved NAD status.

Introducing NAD Regen: Your Longevity Ally

NAD Regen - NAD+ Boosting Supplement

NAD Regen is our premium product designed to promote NAD production

and recycling, effectively enhancing your NAD status. It uniquely combines NAD3, a highly researched ingredient, with:

  • Licensed spermidine (Yüth)
  • Resveratrol
  • Niacinamide
  • Bioperine

Each ingredient is strategically selected for its potential to support NAD production and longevity. Just two capsules every morning before breakfast is all you need to boost your NAD status.

There are many other supplements that claim to boost NAD+ mostly a single ingredient precursor such as NR or NMN. However these are simply force-feeding the salvage pathway with NAD+ precursors rather than working to fix the root cause of our NAD decline as we age.

This is the key point of difference with NAD Regen which works to fix both the supply and demand parts of the NAD decline problem.

How NAD3 helps the salvage pathway with NAD+ recycling and production

In Conclusion

Caring for your NAD health and prioritizing strategies that promote better NAD status can significantly enhance your quest for longevity and youthfulness. From maintaining an active lifestyle and balanced diet to utilizing innovative supplements like NAD Regen, the journey to sustained vitality is within your reach.