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Revolutionary NAD+ Supplement Supports Energy Production, Cognitive Function, and Helps Promote Healthy Aging

NAD Regen

The most advanced health optimization supplement ever formulated

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Cutting edge NAD+ Supplement Increases Energy, Enhances Cognitive Function, and Slows Down The Aging Process. Contains:

  • Niacinamide – 125mg
  • NAD3® (Wasabi Extract, Theacrine, Cuprous Niacin) – 311mg
  • Resveratrol 50% (Polygonum cuspidatum) - 200mg
  • Spermidine HCl (as Yüth™) – 5mg
  • Black Pepper Extract 95% Piperine (as BioPerine®) – 5mg

A powerful health optimization supplement that goes beyond simply boosting your NAD+ Levels

NAD3 by Compound Solutions


NAD3® may improve NAD+ status by supporting its synthesis and limiting its degradation, plus activating the downstream signaling pathways of longevity, while minimizing the chronic stress of aging

Yuth by Compound Solutions


This special form of spermidine works to clean up "zombie cells", lowering inflammation and helping NAD3® do it's work

Resveratrol based supplements


Helps increase NAMPT a key enzyme that plays a role in the production and recycling of NAD+

supplement with Niacinamide


A form of Vitamin B3, providing an essential raw material to build NAD+

Nutritional Information

The Science Behind NAD3®


Product FAQs

NAD Regen contains: Niacinamide, NAD3(Wasabi Extract, Theacrine, Cuprous Niacin), Resveratrol, Spermidine, Black Pepper Extract

A daily serving is 2 capsules. Best taken in a fasted state before your first meal of the day

If you've been consuming an NMN product, then this is the perfect upgrade from that. As well as replacing single ingredient supplements such as Resveratrol and Spermidine.

Shipping FAQs

We ship all orders from the US, using USPS standard shipping. Most orders arrive within 3-5 days.

We currently only ship to the US, UK and Canada. We're exploring more shipping options where local regulations allow.

Consistency is the most important aspect of our supplement protocols. The subscription allows you to receive fresh supplies every 30 days. You can cancel, pause, add to and change your subscription at any time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Liz L.
So far so good!

Both my husband and I have been taking it every morning for about a month now and we both notice that we have more energy throughout the whole day. He also notices that he has more clarity and focus. He’s been raving about it to his students. We teach Jiu Jitsu, therefore we need to have the energy throughout the whole day to last us through all the day/night classes and this seems to be the one thing that’s made the most difference. We highly recommend it!

Jim Nesbitt
Feel Better Now AND Later

I’ve been a subscriber since day one and the high quality, rigorously tested, patented ingredients and dosing has helped my body transform from the inside-out. Not only does this regimen from BioStack Labs make me feel better, calmer, and stronger, but I feel more energy and am ready for whatever the day throws at me. I’ll continue to take these supplements for as long as I live, which will be at least to 100.

John Pabst
Strong Start

I am about a week away from my first month in. So far I have noticed positive improvements in how I feel and how I look. My spots of grey do not seem as prominent. I will need to update this after I get my 3 months in but I am pleased with the product at this time.

Margo Whitley
Love it!

I am loving my NAD region I'm a 57 year old woman and very active and I love knowing that I'm taking something that is helping my body do the cleanup and repair necessary to keep me healthy and moving! I also love the addition of spermidine, which has been shown to to support autaphogy and has benefits for hair skin and nails as well! Great product!


Great product. Feeling increase in energy and less naps needed. Looking forward to seeing what happens in the next 60 days of using nad

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