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What Is The Best Age To Start BioHacking?

July 21, 2021 1 min read

What Is The Best Age To Start BioHacking?

Do you know when was the best time to buy Tesla stock?

Yeah, last year or the year before right.

That's kinda your answer to the biohacking question.

However the next best time is right now.

It's true, those beyond 40 years old would see BIG benefits to some of the biohacking strategies we'll share.

But even from the age of 25 our body experiences a gradual decline in regeneration. 

Especially if you're stressing your body with inflammatory substances like pounding those pre-workout supplements, sodas, alcohol, smoking etc,

OR you have a stressful job or exposed to environmental stressors

NAD is an essential agent for cellular health. But our natural levels of NAD decline year on year.

We'll discuss NAD in much greater depth in future articles, as it's one of the keys to unlocking your health span.

Simply by getting regular exercise (but not too intense exercise) can help protect your NAD levels.

But for now all you need to know is the earlier you start to protect and enhance your body's NAD production the better.

So just like buying Tesla stock, the sooner you start the better... (and damn, I should've bought that Tesla stock!!!)

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