Is BioHacking Safe?

July 23, 2021 1 min read

Is BioHacking Safe?

The word 'Hack' has both positive and negative connotations.

It's understandable people are hesitant about the safety of bio hack ing.

And if you've been around the biohacking world for any length of time, you'll have heard of some crazy techniques in the goal of making us super human!

So "Is biohacking safe?"

It's a bit like asking "is dieting safe" or "is working out safe?"

There are good and bad practises in all walks of life, biohacking is no different.

It is absolutely safe to use biohacking with 2 important caveats:

- you know what your doing

- and how it relates to your unique situation. 

If you're on some form of medication, or if you've got underlying health conditions it is ALWAYS sensible to discuss any lifestyle changes (biohacking or otherwise) with a registered health professional.

But with our standard health disclaimer out of the way you should know, the biohacks we introduce to people are all very safe and only carry upside!

And if there are any potential downsides (HINT: there rarely is), we'll ALWAYS tell you.

In fact, we've got a list of practices we actively discourage... but more on that another time.

Biohacking doesn't have to be scary or "crazy"

We are just focusing on doing everything possible to increase our health span and quality of life for years to come. 

The goal of BioStack Labs is to be your guide in to the world of biohacking. And for your biohacking activity to be effective and safe!

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