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How Do I Biohack My Health?

January 31, 2022 5 min read

How Do I Biohack My Health?

Spend 60 seconds tapping questions like"how do I biohack my health"into Google and you will get quite a broad mix of answers.

Phrases like "DIY biology" will feature heavily. 

Some of the methods described will appear to be downright strange.

Confusion and overwhelm will probably be the two overriding emotions you're left with, after a quick Google on biohacking. Worry not, you are certainly not alone!

In fact, from experience we find that most people who are genuinely enthused by the idea of improving their health are confused by biohacking.

So how do I biohack my health? The irony is, biohacking in its purest form is very simple. Proper hydration, creating conditions for optimal sleep, avoiding pro-inflammatory foods, taking smart supplements and avoiding destructive habits.

You will actually be biohacking your health by doing the basic things we must all do in order to prioritize our health.

With that said, if you are somebody who does actively participate in a healthy lifestyle, you're probably already biohacking your health to some degree.

The question really is, how do you take things up a level to have a more tangible impact on your health in the short and long-term? 

After all, we want to focus on two outcomes with biohacking:

  1. Improving your daily quality of life today, so you are sharper, healthier and more energized 
  2. Improving your prospects of a longer health span (which means living a long time in a great state of health to get more from your life!)

With the outcome and purpose of biohacking firmly established we can easily direct you on the next best steps. 

Biohacking can be broken down into 3 tiers.

Tier 1 - The Biohacking Foundation

At this level you are doing all of the basics right, which includes:

  • Hydrating yourself every day. We strongly recommend having bottled (that’s only served in glass), reverse osmosis water, and hydrogen rich water, and if you’re really committed, add some electrolytes and antioxidants too! 
  • Following a healthy sleeping pattern which means working with the circadian rhythm, going to bed in a relaxed state and waking at the same time each day. 
  • Consuming a diet exclusive of single ingredient foods (from the Mother Earth)
  • Avoiding heavily processed pro-inflammatory foods 
  • Abstaining from destructive habits like excessive alcohol consumption, high stimulant use or binge eating 
  • Supplementing with high quality fish oil, a multi-vitamin and Vitamin D as an absolute minimum 

We can call this the foundation of biohacking and this is where you must get to in order to really take things to the next level. Without these things in place the steps in Tier 2 won’t have the same impact! 

Tier 2 - Becoming a Biohacker

This is where you go from“every day biohacking” to“I am a biohacker.”

At this level you will be: 

  • Using cold water therapy every day, at the very least via the use of a cold shower for 120 seconds. Cold showers can be great for inflammation, boost immunity strength, spike your metabolism and help improve blood circulation 
  • Using breathing techniques to help slow down your heart rate, lower adrenaline and help your body relax. This can be done inside 2 minutes every morning and night!
  • Managing bluelight exposure 2 hours before bed by wearing bluelight blocking glasses in the evening, to help improve your sleep quality. 
  • Quantifying your sleep which means tracking your REM phase, along with HRV (heart rate variability). By knowing these metrics you can now aim to improve them on a consistent basis, which leads to better recovery, lower inflammation levels, reduced Cortisol issues and a general upswing in health. 
  • Your supplement usage will still consist of high quality fish oil, a multi-vitamin and Vitamin D. However, it will now also include a broader range of things such as ashwaghanda, turmeric and magnesium. Furthermore, this is where you start using our  Signature Biohacking Stack  which includes  NAD Regen  and  Cell Shield. At this level, these formulas can make a big difference! You can read about their specific ingredients  HERE

**We would also encourage you to start using red-light therapy at home if you can at this level because it is a relatively easy thing to do**

For most people who are health conscious, we believe Tier 2 is attainable and sustainable. If you can get here and remain consistent, it will life-changing for you today as well as into the future! 

Tier 3 - Going Deep Down The Rabbit Hole

When you look at extremely well known biohackers across the world such as Ben Greenfield or Kris Gethin, you will notice they really take their biohacking to a whole new level. We admire it, some of our team do it but we also understand that a lot of people will need some time to get here.

What we want to be clear on is, you don’t have to wait to be at this level to start biohacking your health!

In Tier 3 you will be doing…

  • Earthing. Do this will help absorb negative IONs and then switch off wifi routers and put all phones on airplane mode, or switch them off, even if they are in another room
  • Ice baths most days (if not every day) can provide the ultimate solution to dealing with inflammation. This makes ice baths amazing for fast recovery! 
  • Infrared saunas every day can help relieve the body of harmful toxins, as well as support healthy blood pressure. 
  • Daily meditation done in the absence of EMFs to help keep your nervous system calm, which leads to better sleep and healthy blood pressure 
  • IV therapies with things like NAD+ and Glutathione can be extremely impactful, and can be used in tandem with our NAD Regen and Cell Shield.
  • Hypobaric chamber treatment has the potential to help speed up internal healing, which can support biohacking outcomes 

Things are very serious at this level and less convenient, meaning you will be investing a lot more time into your biohacking.

That was something we were very conscious of when formulating our NAD Regen and Cell Shield biohacking stack - they must offer extreme convenience, which they do. Just 3 capsules per day is all you require of each! 

Start Biohacking Your Health… 

Chances are you are either on Tier 1, Tier 2 or somewhere in between. If you’re already in Tier 3 then you would have stopped reading by now because you are a certified biohacker by any metric in the Universe! 

Knowing you’re already on your biohacking journey but with room for improvement (remember, we want to help you get to Tier 2 level, every single day) we need to help you get there. 

One of the simplest ways to do this is using a biohacking journal.

Biohacking journals increase your chances of success dramatically because you do 2 things:

  1. You hold yourself accountable to doing the necessary things every day (to be a Tier 2 biohacker on a consistent basis)
  2. You track your progress, document where you need to improve and ultimately get better along the way 

With both of these things in hand, your biohacking efforts improve which lead you to the outcome you want. Not only have we explained what biohacking is, what it will do for you and what you should do - we have even given you direction on how to get there.