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What Is BioHacking Your Body?

July 19, 2021 3 min read

What Is BioHacking Your Body?

Have you ever found yourself trying to explain to somebody what something is and it is super hard to articulate?

Biohacking confuses so many people.

In all honesty, the people in the Biohacking world are to blame. All because they forget one simple thing... 

The people like us who want to USE biohacking also have a "normal" life

We need a convenient set of guidelines to follow.

Guidelines which make sense to us, without being bombarded with too much "information".

And when we need more information, it needs to be accessible and easily consumed!


Have you ever found yourself reading about health and by the end you're even more confused than before? 

Yep, that is what most people feel like about biohacking. 

It doesn't have to be that way though. We would like to be your guide.

In fact, here is a promise...

By the end of this short article we will make biohacking so easy to understand you could tell your best buddy and explain exactly what it is, in under 60 SECONDS. 

All without sounding like a crazy person!


Let's get right into it. 

Biohacking = greater opportunity to control your health for longer.

Biohacking is closely linked to phrases like "anti-aging" and "health optimization"

But really the end goal for any biohacker is to increase "health span" rather than "lifespan"... health span simply means being able to be active and healthy for more years.

Some of the activities of your typical biohacker are:

- Consuming state of the art supplements

- Optimising your daily nutrition

- Utilising modern technology to help with sleep, recovery and optimising your activity

- As well as leveraging good old-fashioned ancestral wisdom (think sunlight, blocking artificial light, earthing/grounding, etc.) 

All combined to "biohack" your health. 

In super simple terms, biohacking is about giving you more control over your biology. 

More control over your biology = an opportunity to enjoy a longer health span

This also means your day to day quality of life and health is improved now, not just in 20 years time!

Think about this...

How many Dads can't keep up with their children when they pass their 40th birthday? 

How many people waited until their 50's to climb that mountain only to find their body couldn't do it?

How many people have waited a lifetime to enjoy their retirement and then missed out because their health was not robust enough? 

We believe biohacking is going to help more people than ever at 50 years of age feel 25! 

This is what we want to share with you.

It really is that simple.

Biohacking = greater opportunity to control your health for longer.

Got it?

So why does "biohacking" confuse people and seem so alien? 

It is because it's a relatively new idea. 

The phrase "biohacking" was only introduced to the dictionary in 2018. 

Some of the early advocates are seen as a bit weird, some of their strategies are straight up crazy...

And the early content published on the internet focuses heavily on the science without giving people a clearer understanding in layman terms. 

Biohacking also has a reputation for being time consuming.

Which is true if you really go down the rabbit hole in the biohacking world. 

However, we have many solutions we'll share to give you maximum effect with minimal effort.

That's the holy grail for "every day" people like us who want to use biohacking.

We have got so much great content, guides and biohacking lab tests to share with you. 

Now go explain what biohacking is to your best friend in under 60 seconds!

Biohacking = greater opportunity to control your health for longer.