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No noticeable effect. I realize this might not have significant short term effects. I won’t be continuing, at that price per month it just isn’t sustainable for me.

NAD Regen
Amazing !

I am 35 and I am using Cell shield and Nad for more than 3 months now . Interestingly my energy levels have increased and infact NAD is a game changer . Great job guys . awaiting to use GDaid.

NAD Regen
Dirk Washburn
Nad regen

I was pretty excited about this product after Ben Greenfield reviewed the supplement. I have been taking every morning fasted for a month. I can not tell a difference in daily energy levels or cognitive function.

Hi Dirk,

Thanks for your time on writing the review and for your purchase. We highly recommend a minimum of 3 month of the NAD Regen supplement to start feeling energy levels increase. If you scroll down the reviews you will find a customer writing the same after just a month to only leave a SECOND review saying she feels so much better. It takes time. Especially when it comes to cellular health.

vrushank mistry
Stomach cramps

It gives me stomach cramps after use of this product. After stopped using it is gone. Will give one more shot and observe it again.

We are so sorry to read about your experience. So far we only had very positive reviews and no negative side effects. Perhaps, as you suggested, give it another try and reach out to your team for support.

NAD Regen
A Manuel

NAD Regen

Bill Stepanian
Get This Now!

Best one out there. Run don't walk to order.

NAD Regen
Loren SACK

This supplement helped eliminate my brain fog, it took several days for my gut to adjust, but when it did, it was smooth sailing. I also noticed that my inflammation went down and felt better overall.

Simply Great

Thank you BioStack Labs

Cell Shield
Peggy J Fenner

THO, I feel it takes more than 30 days to see any results from a product due to the time a body takes to overturn new cells, yet I have to admit that my feeling of overall well-being has been getting better, and I have only added these 2 products to my LIMITED suppliment regime. A good diet is my first priority, and while I do like my wine with dinner (being my vice of choice). It feels like my body is more resilient, and you may wonder if I will drink MORE WINE rather than 1 to 1.5 glasses; I am actually feeling so good that I am cutting back to just one Glass.
I have good reasons for staying with these products and am GRATEFUL.

NAD Regen - Offer
Karl Vermeulen

NAD Regen - Offer

Cell Shield
Rodney Hauer
Cell shield

Haven’t noticed any difference with the cell shield but I did order more, will give it more time. The Nad Regen needed time before I felt a difference so I’m hoping I will feel something

NAD Regen
Roderick Grunwald

Best NAD product I've used. Noticed an immediate uptick in energy...

NAD Regen - Offer
Jonathan Peck
I believe in Biostack's formulas

Currently using NAD Regen. I am a bit of a Biohacker at this point and have been using various forms of NAD precursers and items such as NAD+ nasal spray for years. I am in extremly good shape for my age and have an entire health protocol. The bottom line is that NAD Regen has the latest and greatest science behind it and it is serving me very well. I can't talk about things such as energy increase as I have been taking so much high quality nutrition that I am there anyway and want to STAY THERE. NAD REGEN is the top of the line way to do that! Thank you BIOSTACK LABS!!!

NOT my first month

I have been taking this religiously for over three months - honestly, I do not feel any different, and I recently had blood work done after taking these supplements. NO real change was detected so I am not sure if these are working for me or if I need to be looking or feeling something I am unaware about. Should I be looking to feel a certain type of way? I took these since I am an avid follower of Kris Gethin and he swears by this - perhaps it is just not working for me? Perhaps I have other issues I am not aware of? Either way, I do not see or feel any different

NAD Regen
amber motz
Helps with my deep sleep

Since taking this my deep sleep score on my Oura ring has definitely improved and so has my HRV score

Cell Shield
John Sterbens
Excellent product!

Really noticed a positive improvement in my energy and stamina. Feel great!

NAD Regen - Offer
Joe alvarez

Offers steady vibrant energy

NAD Regen
Helped Support my Energy and Health

Took this first thing in the morning and felt it has helped so far with my energy levels and overall health.

NAD Regen - Offer
Margo Kearney

I don’t notice anything changing. I’ve taken NAD injections and got more out of that than I did these along with that I should’ve said it was from the van Greenfield because I watched a show and had learned about you and got a better discount that I got.

Great product

Great oroducts. Affordable price. What's not to love?

Cell Shield
Seth Waldner

I really haven felt anything yet but that not cuz they aren working or it’s not a good product I have just been to inconsistent on taking them once I’ll be more consistent on taking it I’ll come back a write a difference reviews

Nothing yet

I have been taking NAD Regen for a month and haven’t noticed anything yet. I would assume the changes will be subtle and anxiously awaiting to notice anything.

NAD Regen
Peter Conicelli
Amazing results

I’m 26 years in medicine. I am a 48yo father and husband w a busy life. My diet is well controlled. I am in great physical shape. Normal BMI. I started Regen and after 3 months my cholesterol went from 215 to 158. I feel all around better. I hope these results continue over time.

NAD Regen
Justin Bode
Great supplement….

Health super-charged

NAD Regen
Feeling stronger and better recovery

I’ve been taking NAD REGEN for a 3-4 months consistently and definitely feel more energetic and my recovery from exercise is significantly shorter with less chronic issues bothering me. Honestly surprised that I was able to notice a difference. Will continue to use.