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3 Habits You Must Stop If You’re Biohacking

April 29, 2022 4 min read

3 habits to stop if you're biohacking

If you’re getting into biohacking it is likely you will have been influenced by the fitness industry.

We want to make this extremely clear, most of what you learn from the fitness industry is NOT focused on:

  • Helping you improve your long-term health
  • Enhancing your healthspan
  • Changing how you feel on a deeper level

Usually, the fitness industry is just obsessed with ripped abs and Personal Bests in the gym — that’s about it.

For the record, there is nothing “wrong” with that. Several of our research team members actually love to train and keep in shape, but they also biohack their health as well.

You could say this is the new way of doing things.

You can train hard AND biohack at the same time.

However, there are some habits no biohacker should do that you might be doing as a result of the fitness industry…

#1 Cheat Days

If you have “cheat days” which usually means gorging on every unhealthy foodstuff you can find for most of the day, biohacking is not for you.

Before you scream “But I eat healthy the rest of the week!!” let us explain something super important…

It does not matter about the rest of the week. 1 bad day CAN hurt the other 6, big time! (despite the marketing B.S. you’ll see for certain programs)

Your body is not designed to consume this amount of processed food. If longevity is your goal, it’s entirely counterintuitive.

If you owned a Ferrari and run it on the most premium high octane fuel for 6 days of the week, would you then put cheap fuel in every Saturday and expect the energy to last? Of course not, that would be crazy.

The same thing applies to you. The body can suffer for days after these binging episodes. “Cheat Days” seem to have become the norm in the somewhat ironically named “health and fitness” industry.

If you want to do everything you can to be around for as long as possible and enjoy youthfulness way beyond the norm, cut out cheat days. Infrequent one-off meals are fine, but these must remain in the minority.

Really, the best biohacking foods are also super delicious. Juicy grass-fed rib-eye steak with that golden fat, crisp grilled sweet potato fries and crunchy salted broccoli beats your mass-produced hamburger and fries any day of the week!

#2 Propping Energy Up with Heavy Stimulants

If your energy sucks you shouldn’t cover it up with a bunch of heavy stimulants to compensate. Design a lifestyle (using biohacks) which gives you more energy WITHOUT needing to inhale lots of products to give you an unnatural ‘buzz’.

The irony of high stimulant consumption is that you’re not helping your body remain energized at all. You’re actually creating a dependency. But, that is by design, because energy drink companies need you to need more… Right?

If you are a very busy person with high stress, please don’t think your high caffeine consumption is helping you win. (another spectacular example of marketing B.S.)

You’re just plugging gaps which will eventually hurt you in the long run. Your gut health usually gets absolutely smashed to bits by lots of synthetic caffeine, which is typically where many other health issues develop.

Instead, this is what we suggest…

  1. Detox from synthetic caffeine-based drinks by going “cold turkey”
  2. Allow yourself 1–2 organic cups of coffee per day (if you love the taste and want another cup, have a swiss-filtered decaf in the evening).
  3. Avoid caffeine after 3PM because caffeine has a half-life of around 6 hours. You’ll want that out of your system by 9PM when winding down for bed, in your relaxed state.

After the initial adaptation phase of about 14 days (which will feel unpleasant) you’ll develop a completely new level of energy. Your body “resets” and learns to work optimally without all that synthetic crap which was giving you very short bursts of energy.

Take our word on this, put your health first. Biohack your health and you won’t need the synthetic “kick” you once relied upon.

#3 Binge Drinking

In small amounts, on infrequent occasions alcohol can be fine. But as a lifestyle choice, you can’t afford to binge drink regularly if longevity is a priority to you.
There’s no compromise to be had here — it is a straight-up “either/or” choice.

Alcohol in high volumes on a regular basis is highly toxic, stimulates unhealthy amounts of systemic inflammation and dehydrates your system.

Basically, all the things we want to work to eliminate when biohacking.

Binge drinking is one of the most powerful “anti-biohacking” habits you can do.

Biohacking is a lifestyle choice and there are some things which can’t co-exist with your aspirations to take control of biological ageing.

It’s no coincidence that every member (without exception) of the BioStack Labs team either abstains completely from alcohol or only has it on very rare occasions.

We know the negative impact it can have on our biohacking efforts, so we just don’t go there.

Question is, what is most important to you? Your longevity or Friday nights getting obliterated at the bar?

So, how many of these BIG 3 are you doing, and which do you need to eliminate first? Biohacking is an ongoing process and about making incremental habit changes that add up to a huge change in your long term health.

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- BioStack Research Team