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Revolutionary NAD+ Supplement Increases Energy, Enhances Cognitive Function, and Slows Down The Aging Process

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I can already feel the difference in my body.

A Lincoln
30 days in

Been taking per directions for 30 days. Slight changes in energy & overall well being. Continuing on for 90 days...

North Carolinian
Too early to tell…

I have taken NAD Regen consistently every morning since I received my order one month ago and will continue it through my shipment to see if I see any changes in the long run.

Pei Miller
Great customer service

I’m a first time user of anything NAD after discovering this company from Jay Campbell I decided to give it a try! My initial order apparently had been lost in transit but I emailed their customer support asap within 24 hours they have responded and offer a replacement. I was quite amazed at the efficient and reliable this company is!

The products-
So far so good, I definitely feel a little energy boost but not much difference. Will keep trying for the next 2 months :) thanks again!

Steven Spain

Having health issues not related to this stack. Essential tremor and hip bursitis. I'm almost age 75. Stack seems to make me feel good

A powerful health optimization supplement that goes beyond simply boosting your NAD+ Levels

NAD3 by Compound Solutions NAD+ Status booster found in NAD Regen by BioStack


NAD3® fixes the root cause of NAD decline. Simultaneously keeping the production and recycling pathways going and providing the necessary precursors to build NAD

Yuth by Compound Solutions - Spermidine found in NAD Regen by BioStack


This special form of spermidine works to clean up "zombie cells", lowering inflammation and helping NAD3® do it's work

Resveratrol based supplements


Helps increase NAMPT a key enzyme that plays a role in the production and recycling of NAD+

supplement with Niacinamide


A form of Vitamin B3, providing an essential raw material to build NAD+

Nutritional Information

The Science Behind NAD3®


Product FAQs

Cell Shield contains: Niacinamide, NAD3(Wasabi Extract, Theacrine, Cuprous Niacin), Resveratrol, Spermidine, Black Pepper Extract

A daily serving is 2 capsules. Best taken in a fasted state before your first meal of the day

If you've been consuming an NMN product, then this is the perfect upgrade from that. As well as replacing single ingredient supplements such as Resveratrol and Spermidine.

Shipping FAQs

We ship all orders from the US, using USPS standard shipping. Most orders arrive within 3-5 days.

We currently only ship to the US, UK and Canada. We're exploring more shipping options where local regulations allow

Consistency is the most important aspect of our supplement protocols. The subscription allows you to receive fresh supplies every 30 days. You can cancel, pause, add to and change your subscription at any time. Subscribe Here

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