Here are the five big reasons why everyone is finally ditching single ingredient supplements, stopping brute force tactics to boost their natural NAD+ levels, and switching to the worlds most advanced health optimzation supplement by BioStack Labs.

  1. Fixes the root cause of NAD+ decline (what actually causes us to age!)

How NAD3 helps the salvage pathway with NAD+ recycling and productionNAD Regen is a unique supplement that instead of brute forcing your body with NAD precursors, it provides the salvage pathway with the nutrients it requires to recycle and produce more NAD+ naturally

  1. Cleans Up Zombie Cells that make us age!

Using the trademarked Yuth ingredient, it helps clean up 'zombie cells' lowering inflammation and allowing the body to naturally produce more NAD+

  1. Your brain will spark with energy

Amplify your productivity WITHOUT needing artificial stimulants or energy drinks. Naturally enhance your energy production in your brain and eliminate brain fog.

  1. Just 2 Capsules to replace dozens

Health optimization is commonly associated with swallowing dozens of capsules every day. NAD Regen is just 2 capsules, replacing literally dozens of capsules from single ingredient supplement protocols

  1. People absolutely love our NAD Regen

This product has received glowing praise from the worlds best known biohackers such as Ben Greenfield, Tim Gray, Kris Gethin, Dr Sohere and most importantly biohackers and health optimizers around the world just like you.